Workshop Schedule – South Surrey / White Rock

Dec 2017 - White Rock workshop schedule


Career Exploration – 4 days

Have you been considering a new career or thinking about making a change within your industry? Want to look at your career options?  This 4 day career exploration workshop will help you get started on the path of self-discovery. Participants will complete online career self-assessments, receive career counselling and learn about labour market information to make an informed career decision.

Resumes and Cover Letters – 4 days

Do you need to create or update your resume, cover letter or references page? This 3 day in-class workshop will help you identify employability, essential and transferable skills, discover your personality type, interests and values, and explore different resume formats and styles. Create a professional resume and cover letter that gets the attention of employers, build strong references and determine how to create a successful job search plan to move forward.

Interview Skills – 2 days

Are you prepared for your next interview? This workshop is designed so that you receive both the interview preparation and practice to gain the clarity, confidence and competence you need for your next interview. You will learn about the various types of interviews, how to make a great first impression and be prepared to confidently answer questions to common interview questions, including behaviour-based questions. Learn what questions you can ask employers and gain helpful feedback when you practice your interview skills in a post mock interview follow-up.

Networking and Social Media – 2 days

Do you know about the importance of networking and social media in your job search? This 2 day workshop will emphasize the benefits of networking and social media to build your personal brand and access the Hidden Job Market to enhance your job search.


Communication Skills – morning session (2.5 hrs)

Increase your life skills by revisiting the basic forms of communication and collecting some tools toward self-improvement. Videos and stories will be used to introduce topics including body language, nonverbal communication, active listening and assertiveness skills to help improve communication.

Conflict Resolution – afternoon session (2.5 hrs)

Do you need to learn how to handle conflict? Is your style working for you? This workshop will help you learn tips and techniques for preventing conflict in the first place and steps to resolve conflict effectively.

Self-Awareness – morning session (2.5 hrs)

Have you explored your own personal values? Do you know your personality type? This workshop is designed to help you understand how your belief system can affect your communication with others, in both the personal and professional areas of your life.

Goal Setting – afternoon session (2.5 hrs)

Have you ever procrastinated? Do you know about the importance of Goal Setting? This workshop will emphasize the benefits of taking baby steps towards your goals and creating a “mind map” to reach them. Learn the SMART principle as a tool to create the plan that you have been thinking about.

“Living without an Aim is like Sailing without a Compass”

Self Esteem – morning & afternoon sessions (2.5 hrs each)

Increase your self-worth! This workshop gives you the opportunity to explore how you see yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, help re-frame self-talk to improve self-esteem through positive affirmations.  Explore your physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, social areas of your life and learn how to bring these into balance.

Stress/Anger Management – morning session (2.5 hrs)

What is your basic cause of stress? Are there underlying anger issues? Complete a confidential stress assessment, understand the positive and negative effects of anger and learn to adapt some healthy strategies to manage your stress.

Adapt to Change – afternoon session (2.5 hrs)

“The only thing constant in life is CHANGE”  Assess your life inventory, understand emotional reactions to change, and learn some techniques to create resiliency and coping strategies to effectively deal with change.