“I studied Graphic Design while at University and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts. I have spent

Roland  Ilog, GradTech

15 years in the field designing everything from magazine advertisements to logos to websites. When I got laid off from my last two positions I felt it was time for a change. As head of the household, I needed a career with more job security. I decided to go back to school and pursue a career in Electrical Engineering.

The Cloverdale WorkBC Employment Centre and Sources Community Resources Society were very helpful in my career shift. The classes were effective, informative, and relevant in further educating me about my job search, resume writing and interview preparation. I was impressed by their educators’ knowledge and their program at the Sources Employment Services Centre. I learned a great deal about myself, be it skills and strengths to sell as well as my weaknesses to improve on. I participated in the career planning workshops which helped me to confirm my career direction. I discovered where I could thrive in order to become a strong contributor to the workforce. WorkBC provided the funding so I could attend BCIT and obtain the training I needed.

My  case manager was extremely supportive during my time with Sources and throughout the course of my studies at BCIT. She had a sincere interest in seeing me succeed in my studies and furthermore my future. In June 2016, I graduated BCIT with a Diploma from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Program, focusing on Electrical Power and Industrial Control and in August, I will begin my career with DMD and Associates Ltd. I owe much of my success to the help, support, and services I have received at Sources and I will always recommend them to whomever I meet that might need them.”

j“I had been unemployed for a number of years and needed to retrain. The health care field seemed to be promising, but I needed the financial support and a program that would lead to employment relatively quickly, as I am not young. After taking the courses at Sources and going through the research required for funding, I registered at for the Health Care Assistant program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I completed the program on August 8, 2014 and was hired as a casual employee on September 11, 2014. I have worked a few shifts and have been told that I will be more in demand in December. I am grateful for the support I have been given at Sources. My case manager encouraged me at every step and I can now look forward to having a career as a health care assistant.”

“Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your assistance in my pursuit of employment. You folks at Sources Cloverdale are all uniquely wonderful in your individual ways. 1 resume + 1 interview = I got the job! Thanks again.”

“I am a single mother who found myself out of work in April 2013.  In August of the same year, I decided that I would like to get back in the industry of hairstyling of which I had left 17 years earlier.  I had to wait until my medical EI term was up and I turned to WorkBC to see if I qualified for the aid to go back to take a refresher course as it had been 17 years since I had touched a perm rod.   I didn’t know where my skills stood at.  I had done colours and cuts and even taught myself to dog groom, but I didn’t know if what I still knew stood up to the industry standards.

With WorkBC, I took two weeks of classes on career planning, job search and resume drafting.   I did learn a lot in those classes.  Proper resume writing and learning that our economy in BC is service orientated made my choice to get back into hairstyling, all that more confident that this was my direction.  After the classes, I found out I qualified for help in paying for my course with WorkBC.  I was asked to research schools I would like to attend.  After looking at several schools I chose Mark Anthony’s Academy of Cosmetology.  I started my classes at the end of January.   I found reacquainting myself with my skills was like riding a bike.  I also found out that there might be a position open for an assistant hairstyling instructor.  That’s something I’d always wanted to do when I was a hairstylist the first time around because I did enjoy my experience at hair school very much.   So I inquired to the school administrator, who told me to complete my three month course at the school, observe how things run and hand in my resume when I was done.  And that’s what I did.  The Administrator then turned to WorkBC and inquired about subsidizing my wages if the school was to hire me and train me at the school as an assistant instructor.   I found myself starting my new job at the end of May!…

I’d like to thank WorkBC for all the training and aid in getting me into this awesome opportunity in this industry, as I have been told it is very hard to get in as an instructor.”

“I landed in Canada as a new immigrant in skills category in June 2012. I started looking for jobs in my field related to my experience and tried for long but to no avail. I had to my credit Masters Degree and Advance Diploma in GIS which though was in high demand but I had no local experience for which it became difficult to get any job.

I got a survival job at a greenhouse and decided to join Sources ESC. My case manager was very encouraging and helpful. She arranged me trainings on resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, networking, and showed me how to look for new job postings online. She showed me which professional organisations to join and become certified professional in BC.

With all these skills learnt from there I got an opportunity as a summer job with federal govt in CFIA. There I got a chance to expand my local knowledge and work with federal govt offices. Dilbagh Mann continued to encourage me in finding a more suitable job and finally I got a job with Canada Post as Delivery Planning Officer which proved to be a fair match for my qualifications and experience. I thank a lot to my case manager and Sources ESC which were really very helpful in getting to my goals. I strongly promote that BC govt should continue such programmes as these are essentially helpful for a newcomer in Canada.”

“I would like to thank all the staff at the Cloverdale employment services centre who have helped me along the way.  Thanks for your programs, courses, and referrals.  I was looking for work from home and getting more depressed with every week I was unemployed.  I realized I needed some help and I sure got it.From the first information session I immediately felt I was not alone.  I was made aware that others are in the same situation.   Courses and programs are offered to help me with my job search. 

I attended courses for updating my resume, how to find job leads, and interview skills.  I am mature and have taken these types of courses before.  You think I would not need it but it was quite the opposite.  Even though I had taken similar courses before I benefitted as they go through the steps of formulating what you have to offer and prepare you for selling  yourself, your skills, and your experience.  If you have been off work for awhile this process breeds confidence.I was assigned an employment counsellor who listened to me and was genuinely interested in my professional development, interests, and choice of work.  We talked about various possibilities, courses of action, and results.  She kept in contact with me and follow up on my progress.   She introduced me to the wage subsidy program and explained who can qualify for the  wage subsidy and the benefits it provides to both employee and employer.  I applied for the wage subsidy program and qualified. 

I was pleased to have this to offer to potential employers.  This wage subsidy is attractive and helps offset the fact the I was off work for awhile and perhaps helps with employers training budgets.The employment centre helped me in more ways than one.  They gave me a place to look for work away from distractions at home, help me update my resume (Even though I didn’t think I needed it/turns out it was outdated.  The new one is much better), gave me confidence through sharing road blocks with fellow unemployed persons, showed me the importance of sourcing my skills and experience in more detail, and polishing up my presentation skills through interview skills reminding me of posture, confidence, and we all have abilities to sell.  All of us. 

I couldn’t find anyone in that course that didn’t have value, personal ability, and some kind of skills.I would like to thank my employment counsellor, all the facilitators, and the attendant who had great materials and leads for employment, and the government for providing these services.”